Sports for all ages and skills


Welcome to Team PREP Sports Academy!  We have an exciting year planned for your son or daughter full of hard work, development, goal setting, friendship, and traveling just to name a few.


Team Prep was started to teach and develop 3rd – College age boys and girls to become hard working athletes.  The work is hard and the words are even harder at times but we aim to teach your son or daughter the skills necesessary to have a chance to play at the highest level and the confidence to be successful on and off  the court.


Team Prep, emphasis is hard work, discipline, and individual skill development which are the three keys to success in making a great player.  If all of our players develop these key skills they will be successful no matter where they decide to take their game whether it’s High School, College or it’s the Board Room.


PARENTS, the development process is hard and not always an easy one.  There will be days where you are extremely frustrated as a parent at your son or daughter and the coaching staff.  We ask you to be patient and trust that we care deeply for your child and want only the best for them.  We strive to keep a family style environment and teach our players to respect themselves as well as other players and all adults.  Communication is very important and at any time you have concerns please bring it to the attention of your coach or the director.


Team Prep players will play in many different environments over the course of the year.  We will have our developing players playing in developmental leagues and our elite players will be playing up in age or will play in elite events accross the country.  We will notify you where your son or daughter is currently, and as he or she develops we will move him or her so the development process continues at a pace that your athlete is comfortable.